Luzhba is a small railway station in the middle of the taiga and snow-capped mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau in the Kemerovo Region. The area is ideal for opening the backcountry season, immersing in ski-touring and excellent forest skiing in deep snow. Backcountry skiing are going on in the format of radial exits from the forest hut where we all live together. Every day we move from simple terrain to more complicated one: forest clearings, drop-sessions, and pillow lines - all this is quite enough. Also, Luzhba is great for teaching the basics of ski-touring, and we will be pleased to share with you our knowledge and techniques. Depending on the condition of the group, it is quite possible to do 3-4 descent per day in deep snow and to gain 1000 - 1500 vertical meters. Tours from the hut typically range from 300-500m in vertical gain.

Dates 2018/2019

  1. December 10-16 [ BOOKED ]

  2. December 19-25

Price: 590 EUR

Extra costs:

  • Air flights to Novokuznetsk and baggage fees, Airport transfers

  • Meals in Luzhba

  • Medical/evacuation insurance

  • Alcohol

  • Tips for guides

The price includes:

  • 7 days of epic guided skiing/splitboarding!

  • 6 nights mountain hut accommodation in Luzhba

  • Banya (Russian bathhouse)

  • Transportation of luggage from train station to the hut by snowmobiles


You will need your complete ski-tour kit, avalanche equipment, poles, helmet, backcountry backpack, first aid kit, thermos, ski googles, sunglasses and sleeping bag. A full checklist of gear and equipment can be found here.

Requirements to the participants

  • Participants must be advanced to expert level skiers or snowboarders

  • Fat powder skis( minimum 110 mm underfoot)

  • Splitboards for snowboarders is requirement

  • Avalanche and touring equipment

  • Good physical condition. You should be able to gain 600-700 vertical meters per day



By plane to Novokuznetsk, then at 5:30 am a transfer by two trains to Luzhba. Arrival to the station at 09-30, breakfast and start of the programme with the first rolling-down on the powder!

The road back goes in the reverse order. On our closing day, we make a couple of runs and finish the programme, lunch and at 15-30 we are being brought out to Novokuznetsk. There are also options to get to Luzhba through Abakan or Novosibirsk.

Accommodation and meals

As in any other mountain hut - we have a common daily routine. It is important to take it to consideration. We live together in cabin, sleep in sleeping bags, we stoke the stove and prepare food in turn. A real life in the heart of Siberia. Generally, there is a household sector with a stove and kitchen on the first floor, we sleep and have rest on the second floor.

We organize the purchase of food products in Novokuznetsk according to general preferences and divide the cost equally if you need. Also there is possibilities to order the all meals on sight and and not bringing the food with you. Let us know in advance which type of supply you will prefer.

Booking policy

35% deposit is required to secure your spot, with the remainder due 60 days prior to the trip start date